Let's Travel Collection New Release

I started working on this collection back in February. I wanted to do a world's travel collection.

I knew there were many other companies had similar products, but I wanted to do this collection in a different way. I wanted this theme could cover train travel, airplane travel, car travels, and be universal in the travel and holiday themes.

I also searched many travel quotes, but finally made some of my own quotes in this collection to associate the unique travel theme.

In relation on my own family travel memories, we often drove away for a short couple of days trip, or fly away to another city or another county for a longer visit.

The flower hibiscus reminded me the beautiful holiday memories, I can not resist to put it on my paper. and all the holiday icons like weather vane, steam train, hot air ballon, camera, road signs... reminded me of the wonderful travel experiences and those places I had visited.

Here is the final images of this collection, I hope you like it as I do. Don't forget to share it with your friends.

Let's travel

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